Tore Ramstad is a photographer living in Oslo. His field of activity concerning exhibitions are art photos of nature and fine art nudes. He also works with fashion and portraits.

The artists first individual solo exhibition of art photos of nature was “The Nature of my Mind” which took place in Oslo 2007. His fine art nudes was shown for the first time in the exibithion at Galleri V in 2010.

The fine art nude photos illustrate the female body graceful, strong and poetic. There is an emphasis on form that is both personal, symbolic and sensual.

Due to his photographic technique many of his artphotos of nature looks as if they are abstract  paintings. This intuitive ability to see and sense the visual possibility which light creates between the four elements in nature is a rare gift.

The basically limited frame of a nature photo is imbued with a new life – in a way it transcends.

The photographer directs the attention to hidden details in his art that one does not immediately notice. This gives the observer a feeling of recognition in his or hers individual mind which is a major part of the collective communication between every artist and the public.

It is precisely this ability – a dynamic, talented sensitivity and a keen eye for visual details that makes the photographs stand out.

There is an underlying original symbolism in the pictures, and a timeless and distinctive quality.


Photo Exibithions:

Kulturfestivalen “Et årsverk” 2006
Korn kafe 2007
Galleri Albin Art 2007
Innkjøpt av FSN Capital 2008
Galleri Elenor 2008
Innkjøpt av Norsk Telegrambyrås kunstsamling
Innkjøpt av Bærum kommune 2008
Fjords The Gallery 2008
Galleri Kjeldaas 2008
Galleri V 2010
Galleri Balder, Salong 2019
Galleri Albin Upp 2022